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NWD was founded by Mr. Carl Nelson in Duluth, Minnesota in 1926.  Initially, they visited dairy farmers throughout the state, collecting orders for butter and eggs.  

Once they had assembled a substantial volume of product, they consolidated the shipments and transported the load to the east coast via boxcar.  Over the next few years, the company changed modes of transportation from rail to trucks.

In June 1979, Shawn Nelson joined the company in a full time capacity.

By 1990, the company had outgrown its facility in Minneapolis and purchased a 13 acre plot in Ham Lake, Minnesota, where it built an office, warehouse, and shop.  

In 2006, management established a subsidiary, NWD Brokerage, to fulfill another transportation niche.  In 2007, the company expanded its brokerage operations by opening an office in Yakima, WA.

  The following year, management expanded once more, opening a satellite location in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The company is licensed in all 48 states and maintains a well maintained, newer fleet of trucks and trailers.  

With its decades of transportation experience, knowledgeable and reliable staff make Northwest Dairy Forwarding your choice for all your transportation needs.

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